Heilala Vanilla

Nourish healthy foods is all about nutrient rich whole food ingredients. We use 100% natural gluten free ingredients that are simple and authentic.

Keeping to this brief, we asked our customers what flavour combination they would most like to see: Vanilla & Walnut was at the top of the list. So I set about finding the perfect vanilla flavour.

As I came to learn, there is vanilla… and then there is vanilla. We hunted around for a genuine natural vanilla flavour that would be the perfect pairing for the freshly roasted walnut pieces that we are using. Pure vanilla is one of the most labour intensive agricultural crops in the world, which is why 98% of food labelled as ‘vanilla flavoured’  typically contains imitation vanilla.

Our Vanilla & Walnut health food bars carry deep, creamy, aromatic vanilla notes from 100% pure Heilala Vanilla beans, organically and sustainably grown in partnership with the local Tongan community.