Fertility Funding Charitable Trust


Nourish Healthy Foods believe that giving a little can make a difference.

Our personal story….. A few years ago, my wife and I were playing around with different healthy food ideas to kick start Nourish Healthy Foods.  We were also excited about the prospect of starting a family, but it wasn’t long before we realised that we needed medical intervention. After several IVF cycles (that we funded ourselves) we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl and soon after a second wee girl. 

By the end of this ordeal we were emotionally and financially drained. We promised ourselves that in some way we would help other couples faced with the same struggles.  The Fertility Funding Charitable Trust is a perfect way for us to help support those that cannot afford treatment.

Fertility Funding Charitable Trust has been established by Fertility Associates in recognition of the growing need within New Zealand to support those who cannot afford fertility treatment.  We are a supporter of this Trust and we intend to offer financial contributions through; Proceeds from promotions |Fund raising events |Competitions.