Nourish health food bars are a labour of love, brought about by a passion for health, wellbeing and fitness. Nourish creator, John Matsis, observed a demand for a healthy, trustworthy, satisfying snack made from nutrient rich whole foods. Ongoing minor (but annoying) health issues influenced the outcome of the bars. John was periodically dealing with excessive tiredness, brain fade, joint stiffness, and Gout (ouch). It was time to take action. With a degree in Food Technology and 20 years in the food industry under his belt, he went about crafting a solution. A perfect combination of nutrient dense ingredients to provide other busy, health conscious individuals with a nourishing bite to keep them on top of their game. John’s innate interest in ‘nutrient dense’ food and attention to detail allowed him to, metaphorically and physically, pull apart the ‘everyday’ food bar and critique it through the eyes of both a creator in the food industry and as a health-conscious consumer. After months of trial and error, John uncovered the optimum blend of protein from whey, soluble & insoluble fibre and unsaturated fats from premium nuts, which satisfied his craving for an all-in-one health food source. He appropriately named his creation ‘Nourish’.

John Matsis, Founder.